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Gift wrapping paper set (4 sheets) | Nagarjun


AU $26.28

The rich hues of green and blues in this collection reminds us of the ‘Nagarjun’ forest in Nepal. The gorgeous design looks even more awesome when gift wrapped. Our designs has been screen-printed on to this special Nepalese handmade paper. It is eco-friendly paper, made completely handmade by artisans in Nepal. Made from the fibrous bark of the Daphne Shrub or the Lokta Bush. Once harvested, the plant completely regenerates to full maturity again within 4-5 years, hence saving forest trees and making this a sustainable product. This collection comes in a pack of four designs as pictured. But if you have a favourite, you can get the gift wraps as individual designs too. Sheet Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm Sheet Weight: ~20gm ✔️Handmade by artisans in Nepal. ✔️Ecofriendly - made from sustainably grown plants. ✔️Home compostable and recyclable. ✔️50% of the net profits goes on to fund children’s education in Nepal via our charity partner Room to Read. Other products in the collection: Note: 📝 Expect our products to have uneven texture, slight colour variation between batches & naturally deckled edges on the wrapping paper. This is because it is all handmade following very old techniques of paper preparation & printing. These gift wraps & bags will NOT have the finesse of a factory made paper, but the imperfections on make each product unique & perfect! 📝 Gift Tags are digitally printed on calendared Loktaa paper of approx 100gsm (meaning they are not as weighty/thick as card-stock) 📝 Wrapping papers & Large bags will be folded for shipping, not rolled or laid flat.


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